Easter Designs

Rugged Cross Background

Heather Norton from Life in Christ Church in Owosso, MI brings us this cross backdrop.

They created this stage for their Easter series. The whole stage was pretty inexpensive—just some man hours. They used old lumber they had lying around to build the wall behind the cross. The cross was made out of old beams from a building in the community that was tore down. They made the cross detachable so that is was lighter to carry on and off stage. They lined the back of the cross with LED rope lights. The entire wall was 8ft x 10ft. They got large pallets from their local hot tub business for free and mounted battery operated lights on it to give a soft glow. They used old apple crates with white pillar candles in them to finish out the design. The whole project cost less than $100.00.




Powered Cross Reverberation

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