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Rugged Shimmery Cross

Joe Cross from Momentum Church in Gulf Breeze, FL brings us this shimmery cross look from their Easter services.

From Joe: Made of a staggered design of 1×4 pine planks with a cross shaped opening in the middle.

It is 8ft wide and over 9ft tall.

Covering the cross on the back, we used silver mesh screening and crinkled it to reflect the backlight.

It was suspended from our Upstage truss and backlit with 2 small pars from below and one LED slimPar from the top.

For the beginning of our gathering, we had a satin drape covering the set piece and the backlight shining up through the cross gave an appearance of the crucifixion, and at the climax of one of the worship songs, the drape pulled from the velcro holding it to reveal the cross.

To build it, I first laid out the planks with the shape of the cross open in the middle.
I then marked the edges where it would be cut. I labeled each piece with a number and an arrow up. I cut the pieces and laid them back into place. I then put framing planks on the back. Make sure to use sturdy framing planks. I used 2×4 in the end because the 1×4’s were great for the facade, but not for the sturdiness of lifting it.

I attached eye bolt lags to hang it from and used shackles and steel rope to hang it from our truss. I stained it with dark walnut stain. It looked great in use, the drape effect was really powerful. Paired with the stage lighting, this was a great Easter set.

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2 responses to “Rugged Shimmery Cross”

  1. Wow! That guy is a genius!

  2. Jenn Brown says:

    Where do you find the aluminum screening?

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