Stage Designs

Sailing the Seas

The creative team from Coastal Community Church in Virginia Beach, VA brings us this stretch fabric stage design.

From the team: Years ago we discovered the beauty and efficiency of lycra. We could never afford expensive store-bought scrims so we began experimenting with different fabrics. Lycra can be obtained for about $7.85/yd and is a fabulous substitute for the expensive scrims used in professional environments. We have built our own projection screens with Lycra, both front and rear applications. When our Pastor said we were doing a series called Second Wind, we jumped at the opportunity to set sail with Lycra. It is so simple and cost effective yet so impressive with lighting. Lycra comes usually in bolts of 60″ widths and will stretch an additional 12-18″. We cut strips in triangular shapes and then stretched them from our rafters down to the floor. We used black paracord attached to the Lycra using plastic grommets. If we didn’t have something on the floor to anchor it we used 5-10 pound weights from a dumb bell set. Paracord needs to be melted at the ends to prevent fraying. The grommets just snap together over the material and then a hole is punched in the middle with a knife. For lighting, we used LED cans and bars.


Foil and Silhouettes Metal Globe

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