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Saved by the Stained Glass

Terry Sullivan from Lexington Community Church in Lexington, NC brings us this

This design was for a series called “Why Church?”. They wanted to do a contemporary version of the traditional stained glass look. The projector screen with the title was created to pull the design together.

For the backdrop, they printed out large letters with a shadow/bevel effect. Up close, they had a three dimensional, “puffy”look. Stick pins were used to attach them to the black Coroplast sheets which serve as their backdrop supports. Various triangle shapes were cut out from poster board and pinned to the Coroplast as well. They covered the triangles with plastic, hoping to give them more of an irridescent effect when the lights hit them.

For the four “stained glass” towers, they used some wooden towers that they had previously built for special lighting purposes. They spray painted them black and bought some colored plastic folder dividers to create the colors. They were stapled to the wood framing where possible and scotch taped (from the inside) to each other as needed. It was also necessary to cut some of the folders to shape so that the angles lined up between them. Once all 3 sides were filled with colored plastic (open on the backside), a shower curtain was wrapped around the sides and stapled to the wood frame. The shower curtain was purchased at Walmart. It was clear but it had a beveled/prism design to it. This gave it more depth and helped achieve a “swirly” stained glass look.

Finally, a white piece of paper was stapled to the back side of the tower so that the flood light in the bottom of the tower would reflect off the white material and make the whole tower brighter. The paper covered the entire backside of the tower except for the bottom 2 feet. They left that open to allow for venting for the heat of the bulb. Although this was a time consuming process, the whole design was done for under $40.

why church 1

why church 2

why church 3

why church 4

why church 5

why church 6

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