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This colorful design comes to us from Peter Good at Glad Tidings Assembly of God in West Lawn, Pennsylvania. To create this corneal delight, Peter bought lath from, and spray painted the pieces with fluorescent paint. He then scattered them about the stage, and voila!

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5 responses to “Scatter”

  1. Josh says:

    Hey! How exactly did he hang them?

  2. peter good says:

    i attached the lath with long staples then hung the sections to the trussing with black string.

  3. Denis Flores says:

    Hey, we use your idea for a kids event in our local church in mexico… and was awesome, thanks for the idea, i´ll post you a picture later.

  4. Kelly Lucas says:

    Hi, Do you have any other close up shots available as well as where did you get the lath foam?

  5. Terry says:

    What is lath? What I know of as lath is for wall construction and doesn’t like like what i see in the pictures.

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