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Josh Cummings from Elim Gospel Church in Lima, NY brings us this fun stage design.

They made the board out of 1″ thick styrofoam insulation. The insulation comes in approximately 4′ X 8′ sheets. They used 6 sheets (2 horizontal at the top, 4 horizontal across the bottom) to build their Scrabble board, plus 1 more to make all of the letters. They painted the background color of the board, drew out the grid of the game board, and painted in the spaces for double-word score, triple-letter score, etc. They made the white lines with white duct tape and artists tape, and made the letter tray out of cardboard. The letters were all painted, with printed black paper letters glued on top. They lit the whole thing with Altman 360Q spots with no gels. Any colored gels could clash with or alter the colors they selected to match a real Scrabble board.

Each week they had a word (e.g. “strong”) in the tray down on the floor at the front of the stage. Then they put them up on the board for the next week.

Winner! Acoustics and Pallets

2 responses to “Scrabbled”

  1. T. Swinford says:

    I love this design. We are going to duplicate it for a 12 week series on the names of God. It’ll be perfect!

  2. Ritzy Gomez says:

    How did you attach the letters to the board?

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