Stage Designs

Screened Dove

Anna Ruth Johnson from Haran Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA brings us this nice overlay for aluminum screening material.

To create a Holy Spirit theme, they used these crumpled screen panels with the outline of a dove. They have a very small stage so they don’t have room for any design elements on the stage itself, and a traditional sanctuary where everything needs to be removable with no damage.

Anna used black matte board for the panels and stapled the screen to them. She used a projector to trace the dove in segments, cut them out, and stapled them to the screen. They lit each panel with a 18x3W LED PAR light.

32×40″ black matte board (8 sheets for panels, 5 sheets for dove)
36″ Aluminum screen (approx. 40 feet)
4 18x3W LED PAR lights

4 Beacons Crowned in LED

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