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Sets and the City

Christine Trench from Gateway Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada brings us this awesome set that was later lent out as the Skyline set.

The set was cut from 2 x 8 foot panels of Styrofoam, and the bigger buildings were made out of 4 x 8 foot panels. They cut templates and very carefully cut out the windows with craft knives (narrow ones). They modeled some of the buildings like actual buildings in Edmonton.

They then painted them with grey undercoating and silver, gold and bronze metallic paint (painted using rollers).

Then they stuck tracing paper onto the back of the windows. They blacked out some of the windows with black paper.

Finally, they glued the panels onto 2x4s which stabilized them when they sat together. They lit them from behind.

The total cost of the set was around $500.

Credits: Christine Trench (Gateway Alliance Church’s Creative Director) designed and oversaw the project, and recruited the help of two volunteers – Laura Dee Langley (creating the city panels) and Matt Layton (construction and fitting of the panels on stage).

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2 responses to “Sets and the City”

  1. Kyle says:

    Where did you buy the styrofoam?

  2. Rachel Hutzenbiler says:

    How were you able to keep them standing? Were they leaning against something? The theatre company I work for really likes your idea and want to use it in our production of “Elf”

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