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Shark Teeth Ooh Ah Ah

AJ Guptill from Crosspoint Church in Fredericton, NB, Canada brings us this great use of the shape of their room.

Their series was Shark Weak. And they realized their room looked a bit like a shark’s mouth. So they went with it.

They made the teeth out of styrofoam. They attached the teeth to the floor and ceiling using a lift.

They made their own triple wide screen from 2×6’s and a stretchy spandex material.

Finally they wrapped some aluminum screening material around the drum cage to make it look like foamy water.

They got all the materials for under $400. Cool!

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14 responses to “Shark Teeth Ooh Ah Ah”

  1. Robert Walker says:

    Awesome idea! Love the homemade tripe wide!

  2. Devon says:

    What are you guys using for a drum enclosure?

    • AJ Guptill says:

      It’s just one that we made ourselves. It’s a metal frame with a piece of Lexan wrapped around the front to give it the round shape. It’s only 6 ft wide because the biggest piece of Lexan we could find was 8 ft so by the time we warped it it ended up being about 6 ft wide. It can be tight for a drummer with a big kit.

  3. Adam says:

    I love this, especially the projector screens. Question, what type of projectors are you using? My church is looking into purchasing a couple.

    • AJ Guptill says:

      Hey Adam, sorry for the late response. We used three NEC np-2000 projectors. We already had one, I found one on eBay for about $500 and the other for like $230. If you wait around you can find some decent deals. I believe they are about 4000 lumens each, which is pretty decent when you have three of them going.

  4. Luke McElroy says:

    This is a KILLER setup! curious where you got the triplewide content?

  5. AJ Guptill says:

    Hey Luke, I got some of the content from a free trial from a website, I can’t even think of the name anymore, might have been videoblocks.com. But a lot of it is just regular 1080p HD backgrounds that we had before. We use Pro Presenter and there’s an option in the settings to import files as “stretch to fill” so when you import them there’s no weird distortion or anything. As far as resolution I haven’t noticed any difference between the 4K files and the 1080 files, Especially when your sitting in the chairs away from the screen.

    A lot of our triplewide media that we use for our series I just design myself, either in After Effects for motion stuff or photoshop/Illustrator for regular graphics.

    I think our final screen resolution ended up being 3840×1024, So for a 1920×1080 movie it ends up being 1920×512.

    We do our announcements each week on video so I tape of my LCD screen so I know where to frame up the subjects.

  6. Erin says:

    What did you use to connect the projectors?

    • AJ Guptill says:

      Hey Erin,

      We use a triplehead2go module to link the three projectors together. We were using a program called Nthusim to do the edge blending so you don’t see where the edges meet but it was pretty fidgety so we just bought the ProPresenter edge blending version which has been pretty solid.

  7. Jeremy says:

    What size is that screen? Love it.

    • AJ Guptill says:

      The screen is 24x6ft

      • Joe Coudriet says:

        I know this thread is pretty old but I’m wondering if you made the 24′ x 6′ screen and if so, how. Is a simple design available? Also, what is the throw distance for the three projectors? We have recently renovated a rather narrow sanctuary formerly housing a Roman Catholic Church and a screen that size would be perfect. Hoping with the right lense we can throw no more than 15′, preferably 12′. Any help you can send is appreciated.
        Blessings, joe

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