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Shatter Screens

Matt Hemmele from Northwoods Community Church in Peoria, IL brings us these cool fragmented panels.


8) 1/4 pink foam painted white *use the panels that have the tongue and groove
8) 1″ x 2″ x 8′ boards *use 1″ x 6″ x 8′ for best result
Foam Adhesive
Gaff tape
Overhead projector and transparency.
blizzard Pixelstorm 240s for up lighting.

The Process:

They started by painting each foam panel white. Once dry, they flipped them over and pushed two together and used something heavy on either side to keep them tight. They took a board and attached the two panels using foam adhesive. They used something heavy to weigh the board down to make sure the adhesive bonded well. Then they let them sit over night. This gave them not only a strong connection between the two panels, but also it gave them something to screw into for legs.

Once they had everything put together, they attached them to some baker scaffolding they had bought for a previous set using Velcro.

Matt did a Google search for cool geometric triangles and found one he liked. He printed that design onto a transparency. Using an overhead projector, they used gaff tape to create the design on the foam.

They also played around with some projection mapping.











Winding Away Christmas Wagon

6 responses to “Shatter Screens”

  1. genesis says:

    how did you light up certain triangles? like in the second to the last picture?

  2. pastor chris ogeno kenya says:

    i love it

  3. John says:

    How large is the central screen? Front projection or rear? Fabric? Frame? One piece? Where did you purchase?


    Looks fantastic!

    • Trevor Hackathorn says:

      Not sure how large it is, but the screen has dual christie projectors that are in the rear, blended together in the middle. The frame is standard trussing pieced together. I could be mistaken, but I think it all came from Advanced Audio in Peoria, Illinois.

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