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Shine it Out

Robin Lear from Calvary Church in Dover, Delaware brings us this cool signage piece for their stage.

From Robin: This design was created for a new sermon series, Jesus First. I wanted something simple yet visually powerful. I created it first on photoshop to work out the proportions for our 20x40ft stage. I projected the letters onto 1/4″ birch luan, then cut them out with a jig saw and painted them white. We mounted them on 2 4×8 1/2″ plywood that was painted black, which we actually trimmed down to 4×12′. The ‘rays’ are 6ft 1×2’s painted gold. After we mounted the letters to the black plywood, we hung it and began attaching the rays. The vertical lights are shop lights that we painted gold on the inside, flat black on the outside. We used the largest Edison bulbs we could find. We mounted those light fixtures on a 12′ 1×12 board painted black. We will keep this design up until the series ends.

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10 responses to “Shine it Out”

  1. Daniel says:

    Were the edison bulb fixtures dimmable?

  2. Mike X Zuniga says:

    Would it be possible to get the font for this design? We love it and would like to replicate it

  3. Steph kyles says:

    How did you make your floor lights?

    • We made it out of plumbing pipe. We made a wood box, drilled holes and inserted the pipes into the holes. We ran the wires through the pipes and wired them all together to make a fixture. We also put casters on them so we could move them easily.

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Have you done any Children’s Ministry stage designs?

  5. Fredline tranchant says:

    Hey I wanted to know how you made the font from the computer to a bigggggg thing because I want to make one

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