Stage Designs

Shine Your Light

Josh Gilson from New Life Church in El Cajon, California brings us this very cool stage design feature chase-able blinders.

They built this set for under $1000 then gave it to one of their sister churches when they were done with it. Very cool!


  • 12 rows high
  • 24 columns long (3 panels of 8 columns)
  • 24 feet long
  • 288 C9 Clear Christmas Lights
  • 3 4-CH DMX Dimmers
  • 3/4″ holes drilled every 12″


  • 12x 2″x4″x12′
  • 6x 4’x8′ sheets of plywood or particle board 1/4″ to 3/4″
  • 3x C9 Clear Christmas Lights, 96-100 count per strand. They cut them every 8 lights and connected 24 on 1 channel for a total of 288 lights on 12 rows (12 channels)
  • 3x 4-Channel DMX Dimmer packs
  • 24x Brown 6′ Extension cords from Home Depot/Wal-Mart. They cut them to make them the connections between the middle panels.
  • 96x Wire Connectors
  • 1x Wire Stripping Kit
  • 96x 1/4″ Bolts
  • 96x 1/4″ Wing Nuts & Washers
  • Misc, Bolts and Screws to keep the parts together. They also used black zip ties to keep the panels tight together
  • Flat Black Spray Paint (They painted everything)

Hints & Tips:

  • Get your Christmas bulbs, C9 Christmas Bulbs during the holidays…they’re easier to come by.
  • 1 person can build it, 2 people are helpful, but 3 people can get the job done it no time!
  • An electrician can zoom through the wiring.

Mid-Explosion Wrapped and Framed