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Shoji…Oh, Gee!

Sometimes you want a really cool backdrop but don’t have a lot of stage depth to play with. Japanese shoji screens are a great way to add some life and texture to a stage without taking up a lot of space. You can buy them around $50 if you know where to look (like Hobby Lobby or Target), or you can spend a bit more depending on what types of shoji screens you’re looking for. They come in colors, patterns, or in plain white (my favorite). The thin translucent paper is perfect for both front or backlighting.

For your inspiration:

The Holy Trinity of Spandex Yo, Mondrian!

6 responses to “Shoji…Oh, Gee!”

  1. Keith says:

    Those panels look great ! you mentioned using LED lighting to light the panels. What type of LED par cans did you use and how were they positioned. Thanks !

  2. Cassie says:

    What kind of material is used to make the panels?

  3. dallas witt says:… Thanks… we are using the panels. Had them printed on plain paper. Lighting from front. Small par cans pointing down on them… then led floods shining on front.

  4. Kriston says:

    I found real awesome colored rice paper and made my shoji backdrop look like stain glass. Very cool.

  5. […] six home-made panels (shoji screens) are made of rice paper attached to plywood frames…lit with par cans. Then the 5 banners were […]

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