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Sick of Love?

Mike Gerrells and his team of volunteers at Crosspointe Church in Duluth, Georgia put this set together for a series on relationships.

The letters are made from plywood with a 1/8″ medium-density fibreboard face. For the graphic on the “O”…a vinyl sticker (or decal) was used. You can get these at your local sign shop (FastSigns calls them vinyl decals). All of the letters are 12 feet tall.

The pill bottle on the floor is a plywood frame with white plexi glass and a vinyl sticker on it with 2 led par cans behind it.

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9 responses to “Sick of Love?”

  1. jthtiger says:

    Clean. Simple. Elegant.

    A perfect design!

    I love it!

  2. mufan96 says:

    Just discovered your site.

    Please continue to post.

  3. Jay says:

    How did you get the thickness in your letters if it was only made out of 1/8" mdf ? Also what did you do to attach and hide the seams?

    • Mike Gerrells says:

      i rip plywood in to 4" strips and use that as framing and i put the 1/8" on top. the seams i covered with wet wood putty and sanded it smooth. I ran aircraft cable 1/8" through the plywood and hook it to eye bolts. the letters we about 40 lbs each and we used a lift to hang them

  4. Sydney says:

    How did you do the O?

  5. paola salas says:

    Hi the color of the letters its just from the lights or you painted them white ?

  6. paola salas says:

    and also what did you use to cut the plywood please

  7. Joey says:

    Do you have the graphic for the Decal; could I use it.

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