Christmas Designs

Sidewalk Chalk Trees

Darris Brock from Lighthouse Christian Church in Powell, TN brings us this chalky design.

They stage is an unusual shape in that it is in the corner with limited space. That makes it difficult to stack items or have them protrude very far from the wall. In their previous design they had wanted to build white columns from curtain material and project the light up from the bottom. They decided that would take up too much room so they had curtains hanging in front of the lights instead. In this quick remodel, Darris used string to shape a triangle and white sidewalk chalk to color it in. He used arched strokes to give the impression of a tree with boughs bent from snow. The actual project took less than an hour. It used the same lighting they had before but did away with the aging curtains which were losing their shape. Originally, Darris was thinking about doing this in white paint, but after experimenting with the chalk decided not to go that far. A more full stage update is coming in the near future. In the meantime they can use this like a chalkboard and have their people draw or write on it.

The surface was simply plywood with flat black paint. Had they designed it originally to be a blackboard, they would have used some of the paint intended for that purpose.

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