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Sideways Woven

Demetrio Moreno from The Vine Apostolic Church in Houston, Texas brings us this cool, rotated weave design.

From Demetrio: First, I painted the walls flat black. We had pallet wood from a previous stage design, so I decided to leave it and use it as a backer for my staples. I figured out the square footage I needed to cover and added 10% for cut waste. Then I went to my local plastic supplier and picked up 4×8 sheets of Coroplast. I just typed “Coroplast” into Google Maps and started calling the companies that popped up.

Once I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I started ripping down the 4×8 sheets. I used a table saw and cut one sheet at a time to ensure that each strip was identical. I then picked the location of the first line of wave of Coroplast and used a chalk line to reference. I then marked every strip of Coroplast at 2 foot intervals. I used pieces of 2×6 to give me the waves at the 2-foot mark. I would staple the beginning of the strip the place the 2×6 on the mark, bend the strip over staple on the next 2 foot mark, and so on. I did have to overlay some of the strips to make sure I got a good smooth bend.

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  1. Cecile says:

    what lighting fixtures did you use?

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