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Silhouette Grid

David Tatum from Covenant Community Church in Vacaville, CA brings us this diverse grid that can be used for different seasons.

David wanted to create a light wall that could be used in different settings and season. He used wood to create the framing and painted it black. Then they set the false wall a foot or so off the back wall. The white material was 4x8ft Coroplast sheets.

They discovered that the light did not reflect well until they created a box instead of a wall. They covered the back wall as well as the roof and the color suddenly came to life because the light was able to reflect.

They have also found they could create different silhouettes with the use of black butcher paper.

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IMG_2872 copy

IMG_2932 copy

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IMG_3254 copy

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Vines Overtaking Blinder Towers

34 responses to “Silhouette Grid”

  1. David says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
    What type of lighting did you use to light up the box?

  2. Eric says:

    Great look! Love the Christmas theming added to it. How big was your squares? (2×2, 1×1?) Also, what size wood did you use? Thanks!

    • David Tatum says:

      Thanks Eric, yeah we loved the Christmas design and how it turned out, we added one section or element per week to tell the narrative on the wall. I believe the squares are 2x2ft. We used a fairly skinny wood. The wall itself ended up being less stable as we would have liked if i were to do it again i would have reinforced on the back side with something thicker. Our original intent was to build it to the ceiling but the wall was not sturdy enough.

  3. Ed says:

    This looks great! Can you provide a bit more detail on how you went from a wall to a box to get the look you wanted? Thanks!

    • David Tatum says:

      Ed, we initially created the wall and set it about a foot or so off the back wall. We found that the light did not transfer as well because our back wall is black. So we covered the back wall with coroplast and then put a ceiling on that ran from the wall to the back wall which was also mad or coroplast. This allows for the light to reflect of the back wall and ceiling which made for a much brighter color wall. Hope that helps. You can email me and I can send more pictures if you would like.

  4. Jude says:

    I’m really interested in the above two questions, so leaving a comment in order to be notified of the responses!

  5. Great look! I’m very interested in the above questions and also how much room did you leave in between the back false wall and the front framed coroplast wall? Also did you attach the Coroplast and black butcher paper on the inside or the outside of the frame? Thanks so much!!!

    • David Tatum says:

      We placed the black paper on top of the coroplast on the outside of the wall. I believe when it needed to it ran underneath the wood frame between the wood and the coroplast. I love the design because it allows for us to be creative and still keep the same design. It has been up for a while now though so we are looking for ways to create a new design and re-use the existing coroplast.

  6. Danny Sena says:

    Howd you guys figure out how many squares to cut out of each sheet?
    Also, what did you use to cut them? just a jigsaw?

    • David Tatum says:

      We didn’t do much cutting of the sheets we used 4×8 sheets of coroplast to keep it simple. We just used a razor blade to cut them. They are corrugated so you just cut straight down one of the lines.

  7. Eden says:

    Great look, the light are amazing, please I want to know how the light were been positioned

  8. Gary says:

    Great design idea. Looking to do this also. How wide was the wall you built and how many LED light bars did you use? Would you recommend more or less light bars? Thanks.

    • David Tatum says:

      The squares are 2x2ft. We used 4 bars for each side and 2 for the middle so 10 total. You could always use more light bars but what we had was enough especially when you do a bold color like green, red, or blue.

  9. Bob says:

    This looks great! Were the LED light bars all on the floor or were some positioned at the top or sides?

  10. Cody Armour says:

    I have been wanting to do something very much like this for a long time for my YouTube videos. Could you explain the process for the wooden frame? It looks flush in the video and I can’t think of a very easy way to do that. Looks great by the way!

  11. Maryse says:

    what type of wood was used?

  12. Maryse says:

    what type of wood was use to make the frame?

  13. Dylan Jolley says:

    Just built the wall for our church. We love it. We have issues with our ceiling being to low so our stage lights effect the brightness of the wall but it still looks awesome. The construction was fairly easy and the payoff is great!!!

  14. David, thanks for all the valuable information, your stage looks great. What is the width of the wood on the frame for the coroplast (2×2 or 1×1)? Thanks for the info!

    • David says:

      I think the wood was 1×1 but i can’t remember now. If i had it to do again I would have build a stronger outside frame it was not very stable. The Christmas scene was made by cutting out the silhouettes which were just black paper and taping them to the front side of the frame.

  15. also when you made the Christmas scene did you black the squares out from the front of the wall or behind the wall? Or would it work either way? Thanks again!

  16. Lynn Greenwall says:

    I’m wondering if anyone would share the estimated cost of this project (materials, lights, etc..) We really want to do this at our church… But need a cost estimate.

  17. Chance Bringman says:

    We recently created this look in our church. We do not have an auditorium so its quite a different look. Feel free to email me for pics and other info.

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