Christmas Designs

Silver and Gold

Angela Yee from University Covenant Church in Davis, California brings us this lovely use of fabric.


  • White voile fabric (3 pieces)
  • Gold voile fabric (1 long piece)
  • Strings of Christmas lights
  • Griff clips
  • Black rope (to attach griff clips to the ceiling)
  • Natural jute rope
They already had everything except he gold fabric. To hang the gold fabric they used griff clips and natural-colored jute twine that blended in with the fabric.

You can check out her whole process on her blog post.

Warm and Cool Crumpled Drops

One response to “Silver and Gold”

  1. Kade Young says:

    You know, this is pretty traditional… but I like it! It has a sort of elegance that really draws you in.

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