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Simple Chevron

Sam Pettersen from Zeteo Youth Ministry in Owasso, OK brings us this super simple stage embellishment.

The back drop was constructed out of 4 strips of 10 ft gutters that cost about $6 at Lowes, and they used 6 gutter guards that cost $3 a piece. By drilling holes and using zip ties, they took two of the gutters and turned them into one 17ft piece, which created the giant arrow in the center. They had some pipe behind the black curtains that acted as a center brace for the middle of the gutters.

They used fishing line to hang the gutter guards, which got difficult because in order for this design to work the symmetry needs to be exact.

There were four RGBA LEDs uplighting the backdrop. Two on each side to create the dual-colored effect. The whole design cost under $50.



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3 responses to “Simple Chevron”

  1. Debbie Schaefer says:

    That is COOOOL!!!!

  2. Barry says:

    What lights were used in the picture

    • Sam says:

      We used RGBA Chauvet Par. We used two for up lighting on each side to get a dual color effect, and one on each side to fill in any holes

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