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Sketchy Apps

Kim Miller at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH brings us this app design incorporating some amount of sketchiness.

This was for their series, “Stuff My Church Does.”

To create the set their stage team created “apps” out of 1″ white insulation foam sheets cut in half and rounded at the corners. They painted the edges black and mounted the 4’ x 4’ pieces onto the wall using 2” foam scrape “spacers” to add depth to the backdrop/design. One of their artists sketched/painted a depiction of each of the seven weekly themes onto the sections. They arranged the painted pieces and a few blank areas to finish out the look.

They used lighting to add color – a combination of gel cans and LED mounted fixtures. Smaller tactile displays with candles filled out the design when arranged on both sides of the stage. Total cost for this design: $140 – excludes lighting.

Crazy Lines Modular Texture

5 responses to “Sketchy Apps”

  1. Matt McNeece says:

    Great Work, Kim and friends!!

  2. Megan Boatman says:

    Kim you all ways o a great job.

  3. Scott says:

    Hey! Loving this design. We’re looking to do something like this at our church here in Carlisle, PA. Can you send me a link of where you got your foam sheets? Would be appreciated!

  4. This one really look pretty much cool and indeed a job well done for everyone.I am proud of you guys for having such great results.Will keep an eye for latest updates.Thanks! [ brian mc neece dot com ]

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