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Sky Full of Stars

Cameron Helwege from Statesboro First United Methodist Church in Statesboro, GA brings us this starry stage design for Christmas.

From Cameron: Our series for advent this year was The Wonder of Christmas. We wanted folks to walk in to our Christmas Eve service and be filled with awe and wonder. We projected a sky full of stars on the walls and ceiling of the room. The stage area has a lot of dark surfaces and we didn’t think projection would create the impact we were going for in that area, so we opted for star curtains. We ordered 5 6’x10′ panels, each of which are DMX controllable. The panels were $170 each, for those wondering about cost. We put three on the back wall and one on each side of the proscenium. Each curtain has a controller box where the dmx and power connections were made and then a 5 pin pigtail between the box and curtain itself. The curtains we used have grommets for mounting and included Red, Green, Blue, and White stars that could be dimmed independently, which we were able to incorporate into lighting changes for different songs.

We also used a second platform off to the side to allow for tighter transitions and make our space feel larger. We did a lot of things differently in this service that created a big impact for folks who came to participate. Our house lights were off for a majority of the service, we used way more haze than normal, we used burlap to cover some of the more recognizable features of the room, we used aromas. Changes like this, while subtle, helped to transform our space into something completely new and different and allowed for a Wonder-filled Christmas Eve.








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2 responses to “Sky Full of Stars”

  1. Ben says:

    Hey Cameron!

    Great design. I have some family that live in Statesboro.

    Can you link where you got the LED curtains from? Would like to look into them. Thanks!

    • Thank you!

      We ordered the curtains from Amazon I ordered one to make sure it would work how we needed. I was unsure of the product as the price seemed lower than what I would have expected, but it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for with DMX control and all.

      We did look into renting the curtains, but that option ended up being way more expensive once you add in the freight shipping.

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