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Slatted Boxes

The worship team from Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT brings us these awesome aluminum frame panels.

The team used five aluminum framed panels (3 different widths) with rough hewn wood planks. A layer of tough spin lined the back to enhance and diffuse the wash lights behind each of the panels.

In addition to changing the colors of the wash lights, based partially on the color palette of the worship background (s) being used, the panels were also hit with the spill of LED wash lights downstage, and occasionally with gobo patterns from Chauvet Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures above the stage.

In these photos, they have also added groups of Edison style light bulbs handing from lamp cord in front of each panel. To give them a bit more if an industrial look, they affixed C-clamps to the top of each panel and hung the lamp cord off of them.

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  1. Jason says:

    Quick question, what projectors are you using? Screen looks awesome!

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