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Throwback: Sliced Lines

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this great us of LED strip lights. (Originally posted July 2014)

They built this set for their Vision conference back in March of 2014. They had quite a bit of LED strips from previous sets they had done, so they decided to create a wall pattern with them.

They started by building three separate sections that would come together to make a 32’x12’ wall. They used aluminum work lights to separate the sections and add a bit more to the wall. They used LED strips bought from They built the wall from ¾” plywood and 1×4’s. Then they cut out holes for all the work lights and secured them in the wall with silicone.

They laid out all the LED’s in the spots and drilled holes for the cables to poke through the wall. Then they suspended the pieces from a track using unistrut. On the far sides, they used 2” pipe and secured some of their LED bars and some rented Robe Robin 600’s. Since this set was made up from mostly recycled lights and set pieces, it only cost them around $1200. They used it for the conference and then it remained as their set for the spring months.
















Grinchiest Stretched and Taped

6 responses to “Throwback: Sliced Lines”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    Amazing Job! You and your team are rockstars! This looks great and was cheap for such an amazing set. Thanks for sharing this with us!


  2. James tucker says:

    Great job.

  3. Jesse Coonen says:

    It looks like you have strips that have abilities to change color. Are they DMXed or controlled in anyway? When I go to the website you provided, I only find red, blue, and green strips individually. None that can change color.

  4. John Wallace says:

    It looks like you have your LED strips hooked up to a DMX decoder…is this the case? Also is the decoder then hooked up to a power supply? if so, what amperage is that supply?

    Great set.

  5. Andrey says:

    Is their a way they can break down how they did the wiring and the light connection with the controller

  6. Bryan Rice says:

    Do you guys happen to have any measurements for the spacing of the LED strips and how long you made each one? I am trying to scale this design to fit our space however it would be helpful to have a few measurements.

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