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Small Stage, Big Filters

Lisa Rogers from Godley Assembly in Godley, Texas brings us their small stage design.

They are a very small congregation in a very old church building and are trying to evolve into a more modern look. They painted their back wall black last year. It was pretty startling to a lot of their congregation, but they eventually embraced it and started looking forward to the different things they were doing.

They recently got some new lighting and did this.

The new set they put up for the new year is air filters stapled together then black duct tape run down the sides and around the middle where they meet. They put pieces of foam board on top to block the light from the top. They set them over the top of outside yard lights. The filters were about $3 for a pack of 4 at Walmart and they used 2 large rolls of black duct tape and two sheets of black foam board that was $1.25 each.

2014 New Year a.JPG

2014 New Year.JPG

Ice Ice Stagey Pallets on a Tiered Stage

13 responses to “Small Stage, Big Filters”

  1. Cody Berry says:

    Great Job!

  2. Congratulations on bringing about change at your church but doing it at a pace that your congregation can embrace. May God’s favor rest on your church and may you be healthy and grow.

  3. Nicole Ellis says:

    If you think it looks good in pictures, you should see it in person!! :)

  4. A@work says:

    What type of lamp did you use?

  5. Brett Pavia says:


    Wish there was more detail on how they put together those light towers.

    • Lisa Rogers says:

      Thank you!
      First I bought filters at Walmart – they did not have enough of the same size ones – so I bought everything I could that was the same width – that way I could just use the various lengths on all the columns. We put them together laying them at long on the floor doing a section at a time. First we cut each corner of each filter and took a notch out – they were not a 90 degree angle but flared out – so we squared them up (like a box lid). Then we stapled them together using a regular desk stapler. After we had an entire column laid out on the floor and stapled together (note: we only did three sides and put the back up flush to the wall) we ran black duct tape down all the seams. We then cut a piece of black foam board to fit in the top of the column and stapled and taped that in place. Then we cut strips of black foam board about 3 inches wide and the width of the filters and stapled and taped them to about every 3 feet for bracing. We bought outside yard lights and mounted them on scrap pieces of lumber. We set the lights on the stage where we wanted the columns and put the columns in front of them. We used more black duct tape to fasten the columns to the wall and to seal any light gaps. It took 3 people to hold the filters and get them in place because they are extremely light weight and flimsy.
      I hope this helps! Thanks for everyone’s support!

      • Ryan says:

        Great idea for doing this on the cheap. Can you give some more details about the lights (brand, wattage, etc.)? Wanting to do this for our youth room and possibly VBS stage.

  6. Gary Smith says:

    Great job! Would love to know more about the lights also.

  7. Lisa says:

    They are 120Watt outdoor spot lights (the green yard stakes) you get from Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart. We attached them to scrap blocks of wood.

  8. Daniel says:

    Hey which exact filters did you use for this do you remember? I’ve been looking for some with that pattern on them and I’m having a hard time locating them.


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