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Throwback: Smooth and Rough Boxes

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa brings us these staggered boxes. (Originally posted July 2014)

They made two large set pieces for both sides of their stage. They made wood frames that were 12′ long with 18″ faces. Then they ripped down some 1×12’s for the frames. They wrapped them with aluminum window screen and alternated that with eggshell broadcloth. They made mini saw horses to raise the pieces up another 18″.

They were lit from the inside with a ETC Selador Vivid R mounted to each pillar. The pillars gave them some good contrasting hard and soft surfaces and horizontal lines. Then we added in some strings of 2″ patio bulbs to give a nice tungsten look and some vertical lines as well. All together this set came in just under $700.






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9 responses to “Throwback: Smooth and Rough Boxes”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    I love the juxtaposition of these two materials. This set looks amazingly lit. Way to be awesome. The incandescent strings are great touch too! Awesome set!


  2. Dustin Toumbleston says:

    Do you have a link or any more information on the cloth for the rough look?

  3. JerryW says:

    Am I missing something? The ETC Selador Vivid R are $1,100 units EACH.

    • Tim Sherwood says:

      Not sure what your asking Jerry. I did not include the cost of the lights in the design since we already own them. The pricing is only based on the materials used. The seladors do come in right around that price yes.

  4. Jordan says:

    Where did you get the patio bulbs?

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