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So Fantastic, Wrapped in Plastic

Ryan Murphy from The East Hill Church Family in Gresham, OR brings us this stage design using two types of plastic.

Ryan combined Derek Studt’s shower curtain design and Camron Ware’s weed block design.

First they used the shower curtain idea and made one, large 22-foot by 18-foot shower curtain broken down into 2 by 2 frames. Unlike Derek’s design they didn’t connect the center of each sheet and only connected each sheet width every three squares.

They lit them with 4 color faders and two inexpensive LED’s. They hung three of the CF’s from behind the curtain and aimed them straight down. The two LEDs they aimed in front at the holes that were left from the CF’s. Then they placed one CF on the ground behind the curtain on the ground to make a very diffused spot on the sheet.

Then they hung weed block painted white on the sides. They lit them with some Robe Color spot 575’s and blew out some Gobos to cover either side of them.

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2 responses to “So Fantastic, Wrapped in Plastic”

  1. Joseph Rangel says:

    what does this design cost in the end?

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