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Throwback: Soft Waves

Diane Chesnutt at Saint James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this stage design I’d easily want to jump into. (Originally posted March 2012)

They started by base coating foam boards white and cutting them with a hot knife. Then they hot-glued surgical gloves at the knuckles facing the board in rows. The they screwed to black 1×2 wood slats leaving a 2′ gap between the top and bottom.

It hung as one piece but looks like two individual pieces “floating” from afar. They also put a 2×4 across the back at the top to give it some extra hanging support.


  • 4 4X8 ¾ foam board – $54
  • 2400 white surgical gloves – $158.14
  • 1 gallon white paint – $16.25
  • 8 1X2 wood slats – $9.20
  • Black paint
  • Glue Sticks

Total – $237.59

Total Setup – 47 man-hours

TV and LED Live Lights, but Portable

7 responses to “Throwback: Soft Waves”

  1. Henry says:

    Kool concept. What kind of lighting is being used?

  2. John Weaver says:

    Could this work with tissues bunched in the middle and stapled in place instead of the surgical gloves? It would be a lot cheaper and have a similar effect. I might have to give it a try :) Great idea though. It’s nice that the backdrop fabric makes it easy for the framing to blend in. We would have to figure something else out.

  3. Hey Diane. Where did you guys get the foam board at? Everything I’m finding is a lot more expensive than what you guys found.

  4. Mark Pearson says:

    Quick question…

    Where the gloves you bought white or cream colored? Having a hard time finding white gloves.



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