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Latisha Willis from Infinity Church in Laurel, MD brings us this softer design inspired by Easter Windows 98.

They built three crosses, two 3’x5′ and one 3’x7′. To make the wood fames stable, they created “feet” for the base of their frames. This helps them because they’re a portable church. They simply attach the frames to the floor using wood screws and unscrew them quickly when it’s time to tear down.

They covered the frames with off-white fabric from Hobby Lobby ($2.49/square foot). The total cost of their stage design was around $100 (minus the gelled par cans they used for lighting).

Broken Conquerors Awake

3 responses to “Softly”

  1. Our church has truly been blessed by this site. Thank you for the inspiration Easter Windows 98 and CSDI

  2. George De Leon says:

    First of all, great looks. I loved it. And the cross idea, excellent. We were looking for an ideal way to change the looks on our church ’till we saw this. How did you hang the fabric on the back? We will be using poly silk. I would appreciate the info.
    Bless you all!

  3. Denise says:

    What brand and colored gels did you use?

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