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Spandex Bookends

Brad Livingston from Hearts of Love Ministry in Pensacola, Florida brings us this design great for low ceilings.

Knowing the challenge of designing for low ceilings, they had to be creative with fabric and a higher quantity of lower cost LED fixtures.

They used a lot of stretchy fabric, and plenty of LED’s to create the effect. The primarily used inexpensive fixtures since they have low ceilings.

To create the fabric triangles they bought stretch material from a local fabric store. They sewed the edges to keep them from tearing. Then they stretched them from the floor and ceiling.

On truss shooting forward:
ADJ Par 38b
ADJ Mega Bar 50 RGB

Shooting up sheets:
Mega Pixel Led

On drum shield:
Two Chauvet Colorsplash 200b’s to light up drums

Line 'Em Up Soft Waves

2 responses to “Spandex Bookends”

  1. James Tucker says:

    This looks great….

    What sticks out the most to me is that you made your drum booth look great and not a black hole….. Leds to highlight the chrome in the drums and that logo really goes a long way. Great job.

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks James! It took a while to finalize that part of the project but it came out looking great! We used A LOT of Auralex foam in that thing too. Its crazy quiet. Between the foam, great drums, and Audix mics we have had some think that we are operating triggers! Kudos to our sound guy! @KyleThompson

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