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Dylan Casey from One Church Joplin in Joplin, MO brings us this speech bubble stage design.

Their stage design is based on Coroplast. They used two colors: blue and white. This can be purchased many different places, but they went through a company that has many locations called Regal Plastics. The plastic sheets come in 4’x8′ and run about $12/sheet.

They created their text boxes in Illustrator, saved them as a DWG file and sent them to a local business that does laser cutting. This can also be cut with a water jet cutter as well. Both have become fairly common.

They cut a total of 7 sheets to cover their wall.

They hung the text boxes using size 16 1-1/4″ wire nails.

The only tools needed were a ladder, a hammer, the nails and a small level. They liked the random look so they didn’t measure; it was all based on feel. They just made sure that they were level and that there was good color dispersion.

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