Stage Designs


Gary Clegg from The Crossing in Tampa, FL brings us this great use of MIO ceiling tiles.

Inspired by the ceiling/wall tiles they make, Greg came up with a quick design sketch, ordered the product, and started to work. They created four long side frames from cut down 2×4’s painted black. They stapled 14 tiles to each and hung them from schedule 40 pipe they had in the stage overhead. Then they created a 2’x2′ grid from 1/2″ cut 2×4’s and painted it black for the back wall.

They attached 55 tiles to the back wall grid. The project was lit with 14 four-foot LED batons on the base and from the truss.

The total cost for the project was around $600 and took two days to create and light. They had a great team of volunteers to help pull this off.

Cluster Fun Brick!