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Kaleb Wilcox at Topeka Bible Church in Topeka, Kansas brings us their unique take on the Texturesized design.

Instead of brooming on the white paint, they splashed the paint onto the landscape fabric. This made it look more like bubbling sea foam – a wave splashing over the stage.

They bought a 4’x100′ role of black landscape fabric, cut it to the needed lengths, then used brooms to randomly splatter flat white paint on them. Then they attached 4′ long 1″x2″ black wood slats to the top and bottom. These wood slats allowed the fabric panels to simply hang off 3″ screw set in the walls.

The set was lit with 9 ADJ Mega Tri Bars, 8 Elation Opti Tri Pars, and 2 Elation Platinum 5Rs.

Hanging Masons WFX '12

27 responses to “Splash”

  1. Dave Swieszcz says:

    Very nice for a single center screen stage setup.

  2. Cale Riggs says:

    Wow, this is great. I love the black and white textured idea, very versatile!

  3. C.J. Stephens says:

    I agree. Love the versatility. It adds a nice amount of color without being overwhelming.

  4. Brandon H says:

    Love the design. How big is that projector screen? And how far is it from the projector to the last seat in the room? I have a room that looks about the same size, and we are building from scratch. Just wanted to know sizes and how that works in your room.

    • Kaleb Wilcox says:

      @Brandon –

      Great question. The screen is 12′ wide by 6.75′ high. Its hit with a 7000 lumen 1920×1080 Sony projector mounted 25′ away from the screen. (You can see it in a couple of the shots) The viewing angle is only about 90 degrees wide because of the shape of our room, with the closest seat in the house being about 30′ from the screen and the farthest seat being about 90′ away. Our room seats 600. For that size of room I definitely wouldn’t want to go any smaller than what we have but also not much bigger. For us, its the right balance between everyone being able to see our content but it’s not dominating the room. We’ve had that size screen for several years but we just made the jump to HD in March. It made a HUGE difference. It was usable before but now, because of the improved resolution, there is no difficulty reading even small text from the back.

  5. Victor Nunez says:

    Would flow in the dark paint work well with this?

  6. Joni says:

    I love this. I am going to forward this to our stage set designer.

  7. Rachel Price says:

    What was your approximate cost for this design?

  8. steven says:

    probably dumb question here….how are these changing colors? Is there light behind them or what?

  9. Katie B says:

    Where did you purchase the landscape fabric from? Can you get it from lowes? also, what kind fo texture is it??

    • Kaleb Wilcox says:

      I bought mine at Home Depot, I’m sure lowes would have it too. its basic black weed block fabric, usually comes in 100′ rolls. The fabric is actually quite thin and can tear pretty easily.

  10. do you think something like this could work?

    as opposed to using a LED light “bar”?

    • Zack says:

      Kyle we need more than a picture. Can you send the spec sheet on this fixture? Bar fixtures and par fixtures give a different beam angle and would look different but usually will work. Depends on the beam angle.

    • Kaleb Wilcox says:

      @ Kyle depending on the height of your ceiling and how long the strips of fabric were, yes it could definitely work. I forgot to mention this, but the 2nd fabric from the left and the 2nd fabric from the right are both up lit with Elation Opti-Tri Pars, so pretty much exactly what you’re proposing. It worked great and actually gave a little longer throw then the ADJ LED bars. So if your ceiling is around 15 feet high (like ours) then I can say from experience that the general approach you’re suggesting will work. But remember, the slim par you’re using may have a narrower degree of beam or less output so there are some other variables to consider.

  11. Lisa says:

    Lowe’s also carries a type of weed block that is a grey texture with black and white fibers running through it. You can use it without having to do to much to it and still get quite an effect.

  12. Sharon Oppedisano says:


    This is very nice! Congratulations!

  13. Kaleb, “Splash” was my favorite set design. Just so cool with the lighting and it gave the stage such a variance of texture with all the wood to have some cloth for softening of the overall appearance. Loved it. We are going to miss you and Sara so very much! God bless!

  14. Kristina says:

    May I ask of what kind of paint did you use and will pongee cloth do as an alternative of landscape fabric? btw, where did you place the LED lights and what kind of LED lights are these? thanks

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