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Sprawling Screens

Shaun Dudley from Roadway Alliance Church in Gillette, WY brings us this great texture for their stage wall.

Recently their team has been working on ways they can integrate modern staging into their more traditional-looking building. First they had to install bars on the ribs of the church. This took some doing since there isn’t a single straight edge in the church. They used a handrail wall coupler to support the aluminum tubes. Once those were installed they could move forward with the build on a set.

They ordered one roll of aluminum window screen from Amazon – 100ft to be exact – and went to work. They found that 36″ wide screen when scrunched quickly becomes 24″ and you burn through a ton of screen in a hurry. That caused them to purchase another 100ft roll to complete the set.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime can’t overcome the weather. So they had to do a quick and simple set to bridge two weeks while they were waiting for that extra roll.

They built five walls from 2 x 4s and wood fencing and stained them light grey and they lit them with a few Par 20’s with LED bulbs. After the screen finally came in, they completed the remaining stage. They lit the screen with RGBA Mega 50 bars and the Par 20s still on the panels.











Blocked Away Log Slicing

3 responses to “Sprawling Screens”

  1. Darian says:

    How many RGBA Mega 50 bars did you use?

  2. Alberto says:

    What kind of material it’s the aluminum backdrop? Can u share a buy it link? And how to DIY?

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