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Throwback: Squiggles

Vickie Wuellner from Lenexa Christian Center in Lenexa, KS brings us this squiggly design. (Originally posted June 2012)

They started by building four 16′ x 4′ panels made out of Natural Coroplast and 1″ x 4″s. They painted their frames black, backed the framed with Coroplast, then put abstract designs on the Coroplast using electrical tape.

They printed four banners that went between the framed Coroplast panels (printed in-house).

The cross in the center of the stage was 16’H X 8’W and made out of some existing light boxes they currently rearrange and use on their stage. They were stacked and braced to the wall behind them.

They secured everything on theatrical curtains stanchions with zip ties and 1″ X 4″s. They weighted the bottoms with sandbags.

They lit the panels and banners with 12 LED PAR64 slimline cans.

The cost for them to construct this stage was $450. Having some of the design elements on hand helped with their total cost.

Reflector Light in the Back

13 responses to “Throwback: Squiggles”

  1. Duane dodge says:

    this looks awesome. What is between the panels. Looks like fabric. How did you make sure that the E-tape isn’t going to peel off over time

    • Vickie Wuellner says:

      thanks for the positive feedback… In between the panels is actually paper banners. We printed them in house from an istock photo. It was called victorian lace. When you are putting the e-tape on you just put a little tension on it as you make the angles and it sticks great. I also ran my finger back over it to make sure all edges were down. We put it up Easter Sunday and it hasn’t come off or loose.

  2. jimmy says:

    My only question is how do you get electrical tape to curve like that and look so good? I think my circles would look more like ameobas…

    • Vickie Wuellner says:

      the electrical tape is so easy to use for any shape. For the design we did, I cut out a templet out of black foam board. To get the round templet I used a huge salad bowl we had in the church kitchen. It was 24″ around. The only thing I had to remember is to use the round cirles but not flatten out the ends. By this I mean to stay in your circle design and end it anywhere just so it stays rounded.

  3. James Tucker says:

    this looks great… I would also like to know how you curved the tape… did you use a heat gun?

    looks great!!!

    • Vickie Wuellner says:

      thanks for the feedback… with electrical tape you don’t need anything to get it to stick. Just put a little tension on the tape as you go around your templet. Then go back over the tape to make sure all the edges are down. Surprisingly enough electrical tape is really pliable and easy to shape.

  4. Steven Hall says:


    You and your team have done an amazing job. This looks great!!!! The design is very unique and visually stimulating. Keep up the phenomenal work for the Kingdom of God.


  5. Robert Macdonald says:

    LOVE everything about this. Classy. Will definitely be using this concept to work for our stage layout! Great work!

  6. Jenifer De Figueiredo says:

    Looks great! I was looking for something like this for our church! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Shane says:

    Hey looks great!
    Quick question.. where did you all buy the coroplast sheets? We are looking to build something like this for stage design at our church, but I can’t find a great price on those.


  8. Shaun Dudley says:

    if anyone has a connection for good and cheap coroplast would you let us know??? Living in upper wyoming it’s tough to find! Thanks and amazing job on the set! It looks amazing!!

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