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CJ Walters from Revive in Williamstown, KY brings us this Christmas nativity scene.

This was a manger scene they did last year for their Christmas Eve Service. This was a one night design, meaning they built it just for this one service and then tore it down. They spent no money on this set. The entire build was done using old pallets they had from recent builds and a few wooden posts they reclaimed out of an old rotting pile of wood on one of the members farms. The frame was stand-alone using the pallets and attaching them to the posts then attaching them to the floor.

They added a roof by cutting the pallets in half to make thin sections. A stable was added around their keyboard section using the same pallets. They added a few that looked like gates by just knocking a couple of the pallet planks off. They also put these gates on hinges so that you had to swing the gate open to access that area.

Once the frame was complete, they simply added hay. They borrowed the bails from a member and returned them afterwards. That same person donated a couple that they broke apart to put on their roof, etc. The look turned out great, but the hay was quite a chore and the clean up was long and tiresome.

They added a Christmas star that they cut out of wood paneling and covered in white vinyl so that light would reflect and also cut out little stars that would shine as well. Fun build that took a couple of days and cost nothing.










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