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Jason Poeffel from CrossPointe Church in Peachtree City, GA brings us this super simple and clean stage design.

From Jason: For a baby church like CrossPointe PTC, budget is always paramount. We picked up on the Coroplast idea from another poster here at Churchstagedesignideas and ran with it. After purchasing 4 sheets of Coroplast from Home Depot we went to work cutting out each 2’x2′ square which is then stapled to a black structure hanging from the ceiling. (cost — under $100)

Six Colorblast 12’s driven by the Luminair Ipad app and a DMXking eDMX1 Ethernet DMX Adapter 3-pin, create the amazing color.

The 16′ X 9′ screen was purchase a while back from Carl’s Place ( and paired with a short throw BenQ MW632ST 3,200 ANSI Lumen Projector. (cost — $1100)

Cloth Sun Neon Tubes

13 responses to “Staggered”

  1. mark manley says:

    Super-clean look – nicely done and great use of $$$.

  2. Seth says:

    How are the lights placed relative to the panels and screen?

  3. Jacob says:

    How far away is the projector from the screen?

  4. Silvia de Juarez says:

    Hola Jason, que tipo de paneles utilizaste? y con que los sostuvieron?

  5. Brandi Thompson says:

    What are the squares attached or hooked to?

    • Jason says:

      I just made a black frame of 1”x4” wood that is 8’ tall and 3’ wide that I stapled the 1/4” coroplast to. I then put eye hooks on the top and hung them from the ceiling. I purchased the coroplast at Home Depot in 4’x8’ sheets and cut to size with a box cutter.

  6. Pastor Ríos says:

    Jason, May I have a lights information please just picture but I want a know how can I found it

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