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Carl Everett from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma brings us this great use of Mod Scenes panels.

From Carl: We hosted an event where we needed to have a good set where we could leave a big “WOW” factor and bring a lot of energy into the room. The biggest issue with this was we did not know what venue we would be using until 1 week before the event due to attendance. Both venues had plaster ceilings overhead, so flying anything was not an option. With all these variables in play there was a need for almost a set one could have the ability to tour with.

A friend of mine recommended a truss on a plate with a mover on top, he also recommended using different lengths of truss as well. I really liked the Idea and went with it as a base. With the base inlace we could have a whole array of options of placement. The additional movers were a nice touch. With the flexible lighting in place we needed scenic as well.

I have used ModScenes in the past and I have loved working with them, and how flexible they are to use. So I decided to use them for my stage. We were able to hang the ModScenes panels off of pipe and drape poles and this gave us an extreme amount of flexibility for setting the stage. We were also able to borrow some LEDs from a local church for the scenic.

Once we got the final word on what venue we were using I was able to do a final layout for scenic and with the final lay out for the band. As pictured we were able to make the stage look deep, wide and tall. The outer wings were angled as the wall was shaped the middle were parallel to the front of the stage 18′ back and then the back panel was placed 22′ back nearly against our back traveling curtain. There is a foot and a half between our traveling curtain and our back wall, in that area we stored all of the empty cases and house scenic.

It was super easy to set up all of the scenic and lighting (thanks to the volunteers who helped make set up happen). There was also not a huge foot print from the scenic which was a huge bonus. The band was even able to start load in as we hung our scenic. It was a breeze to patch into the house lighting and use the house washes and Christmas lights behind the scenic. The Christmas lights were also nice as another layer to the set.

To add another couple of elements to make the stage have more elements to it I had the drummer place his drums on a riser. We had a large rug put down to give the speaker a boundary on where it was safe to stand. I also spread 6 additional (house) movers around the stage to give some more elements coming from the ground.

IMG_5616 IMG_5610 IMG_5609 IMG_5606 IMG_5601 IMG_5599 IMG_5597 FullSizeRender IMG_5596

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