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Star Boxes

Matt Carroll from Gadsden Christian Fellowship in Gadsden, AL brings us these floating star boxes and unique 3d panels.

They used shipping boxes purchased from Lowes and pallets. They painted all of the boxes light gray. For the walls, they took pallets and stacked them. Then they attached 2x4s to the pallets and the walls, took 1/2″ metal conduit, and placed it through the boxes making them open into a diamond shape on the sides. The boxes had holes cut on both sides and they hung them in a checker pattern. To light them, they up lit with LED pars and down lit with LED bars, to give a two color mix. For the center, they stacked pallets and placed light bulbs on different levels.

For the angled walls, they took three different size boxes and painted them gray, then took a drill bit and drilled several holes on the four sides and bottom. Then they took electrical light cords purchased from World Market and centered the bulbs in the center of the box. They hung them at different heights and up lit with pars that they placed pallets on.






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One response to “Star Boxes”

  1. Steve Bonesz says:

    I love that they were able to achieve such cool lighting effects with what must have been a rather small amount of money. The projection of stars on the walls, from the light boxes is a wonderful effect. It reminds me of when I used to wrap the end of a flashlight in tin foil and poke holes in it with a pencil when I was little. I’ll bet the cosmic lighting adds impact to the message of the speaker on this stage. Nice job!

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