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Star Grid

Lance Tucker from The Vineyard Community in Johnstown, OH brings us this homemade star grid for their back wall.

They used 280 C7 Gold LED Retrofit Christmas light bulbs with Satco C7 sockets hung with plastic tile trim strips. They painted the strips black so they virtually disappear against the back wall. Each vertical strip of lights was controlled via its own dimmer channel. This gave them the ability to do fades, chases, and other simple effects. They plan on expanding this to cover more of their back wall in the near future.

They also had 14 vintage Edison and tube bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Total budget for this design was approximately $600.

To complete the overall design and lighting effects they also had the following lights in use:

6 Martin MX-10
2 Martin Mini Mac
2 Martin 250
6 Color Key LED Stage Par 64 – 1 Watt
8 Color Key LED Stage Par 64 – 10mm
4 Ellipsoidal Theater Lights







Interlocking Lines Arrows and Pallets

7 responses to “Star Grid”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    Phenomenal work! This is a stunning example of how you can use what you have to make a hugely impact-full set with little resources. Great work! Keep up the hard work for the Kingdom of God!

  2. I know this is off-topic, but the pastor is using a lot of text on the screen.

    In my experience (and teaching), I’d keep text to three-six lines max or 1-2 verses.

    I count one point, two sub points, and four verses. From some of the pics, the verses look like they might be hard to see toward the back.

    I’m not criticizing (if it works, it works), but wondering from a sight-lines/ distance and visability perspective.


  3. Geoff McLarty says:

    I would agree with Paul, but not completely. We don’t know the depth of the room. If it’s a shallow room, that text could be completely readable from almost anywhere. I also noticed that there are two TV screens on either side of the stage, which could help with the line of sight issues. Overall, very nice stage work!

  4. Roger says:

    I was wondering what the frame is made out of and where you got the material for the frame and lights. Thanks!!

  5. phil allen says:

    I build most of the stage props and lighting devices for Free Life Chapel. In this article above, what kind of dimmer did you use for the led banks? The incandescent dimmers are expensive and since we are going with leds, I would like to know a source for the dimmers. Thanks.

  6. sameer says:

    i want a screen like this would you please tell me the cost off it

  7. Simeon Benedict says:

    Can I get more tutorial on this pls

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