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Starry Stream

Kim Miller and the team at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH brings us this creative use of aluminum cans, paint, and paper pendant lights.

They were inspired by a Columbus, Ohio Anthropologie storefront.

To create this set they used mainly smashed aluminum cans and paper pendent lights from IKEA. The back wall was painted white so they covered it with black weed block cloth. Then the team hammered hundreds of cans to the wall using small nails/brads. One sleeve of 1000 can lids (secured from their local Pepsi dealer) rounded out the design. Finally, ketchup bottles filled with paint allowed the team to “throw” painted accents over the lids, enhancing the feeling of movement.

The IKEA pillow lights were hung from a suspended PVC grid and arranged in such a way as to mimic doves in flight across the stage. Finally the back wall was colored with LED lights to allow for color changes from week to week. Total cost for materials and lights came in at $150, not including the LED lights for the back wall.


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12 responses to “Starry Stream”

  1. T. Swinford says:

    Love this!

  2. This is so awesome. I would love to do this! Great job!

  3. Barb Thase says:

    My neighbor and I were just talking about this today…we were in awe of how impressive it was! I think we are so blessed to have so much talent working to bring glory to God…and not to man! Thanks for your dedication and hard work and for making Ginghamsburg a haven of rest in so many ways! God bless all of you!!

  4. Shuff says:

    Awesome! What a thrifty way to make a serious stage impact!

  5. Sam says:


  6. Love the texture of that background!

  7. Jeff T. says:

    Unbelievable job and amazing results! $150 total!? Incredible.

  8. Jenifer De Figueiredo says:

    Fantastic! Love this! Definitely keeping in mind for the future!

  9. Kim Miller says:

    Thanks everyone – we LOVED this design. The best part is hearing how much people enjoyed that we used recycled materials. Just feels right when we can do this!

  10. Ron Land says:

    What is the approx width of your stage as shown and the height of your back wall? Love the design… also, what is the material on the wall itself that is being colored?



    • Kim Miller says:

      Hi Ron, our stage is nearly 60 ft wide and back stage wall is about 25 ft. tall. Glad you like the design. We initially covered the walls with weedcloth, available in the landscape dept of Lowes, Home Depot, etc. It’s stiffer and more of a brown color than the black landscape cloth, allowing it to hung fairly easily. We used it through several stage designs (see our website for more of those.)


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