Special Event Design


Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this very cool subway station that offers a really fun way to hide the drums after the music.

This design was for their 2012 winter youth events.

Above the subway car they projected a sidewalk level view of people walking, cars driving, and busses moving on a large 30′ wide screen. The screen was also used for lyrics and some program material that was formatted super-wide. They used a TripleHead2Go and a dedicated computer to make that happen.

Their production and site construction staff put together the subway car. They built it using wood and foam as primary elements. Then they covered it with mylar to make it look like a metallic subway car. They bought the mylar in rolls from a horticulture online store and was 2mil thin/thick. They applied it with spray glue and lightly sprayed painted to give it an oxidized look and to lower the reflectiveness of the mylar. They installed over twenty 12V running lights on the side of the car to add to the look. Finally they applied plastic thermal window coverings to the windows and shrunk them down with a heat gun.

They accomplished the automated drum riser and opening/closing car doors by a series of relays and dimmer packs to remotely control the action from FOH. They installed safety kill switches for the LD and the drummer in case of an electro-mechanical failure.

Each of the brick walls to the left and right of the subway car were designed to be rotatable for program elements – one side being a sports desk for their broomball tournaments and the other a green screen that was used for a weather man element. Like the drum riser they were also automated from the FOH lighting board.

Lastly, the side walk/street cut away above the subway was lined with 28V air craft landing lights (ACL’s) in custom cutouts. 5 circuits were used with every 5 lights being on a different circuit. These were used as blinders for the audience as well as chase effects.

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