Special Event Design

Storm the Castle

David Brady from Word of Life Argentina brings us this towering stage design.

This winter their winter camp was themed “Age of the Valiant.” So their creative team thought the most appropriate stage design would be a castle. The whole thing was made from of 2”x2”, 2”x4”, canvas, 3mm MDF and 9mm MDF (medium density fiber board).

Set Construction

The lower side walls were 3, 3’x6′ flats set in a curve with a canvas curtain that they painted to create a smooth front. The stonework above it was 3mm MDF screwed onto the flat.

The front of the castle was 12mm MDF screwed onto a frame made out of 2”x4” and 2”x2” on a 2′ platform.

The upper sides were each made of 2, 3×9 flats with canvas stretched over them to create a solid wall.

The columns were 5mm MDF cut into 6 inch strips and nailed onto circles cut out of plywood. The columns in the middle were actually two columns, one on top of the other. Then the columns were covered in a painted canvas sleeve.

The drawbridge was a 6’x8′ sheet of MDF screwed onto a 2”x2” frame with hinges and pulleys anchored onto the back wall of the auditorium with 1” rope to pull it up and down.

They used about 10 gallons of latex paint (5 Gallons White, 5 Gallons Black) to paint the whole set aside from the drawbridge which was 1 liter of brown oil-based paint and 1 liter of brown latex.

The sign was jigsawed MDF screwed onto 2”x2” frame and flown. It was painted with an air-gun using blue oil-base with silver oil-base for the diffusion effect.

All the lighting was gelled Par64 and gelled CycLighting.

Link: how to make flats.

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