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Brandy Gibson from Chestnut Ridge Church in Morgantown, WV brings us this thicker version of String Theory.

They started by suspending 20 feet of  1″x1″ square aluminum tubing from their movable battens. Then they attached landscape marking tape 6″ apart using gaffers tape. Then they added some paper lanterns and lit it all up. Total budget: under $100.

Trunks Rubber Band Ball Shells

9 responses to “Stranded”

  1. Brice says:

    Looks great! I use to go attend there about 10 years ago, so it’s nice to see these pics!

  2. Kyle O'Neal says:

    Where did you find the tubing?

  3. TheRVK says:

    Curious on “String Theory” designs. It looks like these stage designs are pretty static (at least from pictures). They look cool, but I can see them growing stagnate. Has anyone found a way to incorporate this type of design but in a more fluid manner? Like allow the top or bottom bar to be rotated so at times you could have the string be flat and form a skrim like surface and then other times rotate it to make the helix/twist like in the pictures?

    Just thoughts, or perhaps a challenge to someone out there.

  4. A.J. McGlynn says:

    RE: TheRVK

    I helped Denny Weinman build the first string theory ( and one thing that we found really interesting was to use moving lights to light the piece. The look of the piece changed when you moved lights around in it and changed colors.I was really amazed how different it would look with different colors.

    I’m not so sure rotating it would work because of the tension involved. If you were to rotate it, the tension would change on all the strings. Some would tighten up and snap. Others would loosen and turn into spaghetti.

  5. Tracey says:

    We love this design and want to try it on a smaller scale. What type of material did you use and did you guys cut it yourself (the strips)or did the fabric store do it for you?? also, how did you secure the fabric to the tubing?

  6. john jaranowski says:

    Was it made straight then twist it? Are all the tape lengths the same?

  7. Stefani B says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I hope you don’t mind, we implemented this design in a similar way at our church this weekend. Blessings from Gracepointe Church in Denton, TX.

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