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Strings and Wall

Cameron Campbell from Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood, CA brings us this projection wall and string look they created.

From Cameron: This stage design was for our church’s annual campaign on the “Covenants”, which sets the tone and direction for the year. Its main components are a 20×10′ white tiled wall that served as a projection surface, and 3500ft of 1/2″ white cotton rope.

We first constructed the wall which was pretty labor intensive. Framed it out and laid OSB sheets which were then sealed with primer. From there, the white paper 18″x18″ tiles were attached to the wall with a pneumatic staple gun (18gauge). Once we were happy with the tiles, we painted the whole wall with a matte white paint. We did this whole process with 2 people, but with 3-4 I’m sure it would be much faster.

After completing the wall, we constructed the huge rope structure. The concept and construction was simple. But again, the process was fairly time consuming.

We anchored the ropes by threading each one through #6 screw eyes which were screwed into 8ft 2×4’s which were then screwed into the deck of our stage. For the upper supports we used 4×4’s which were attached to a 16ft truss we flew. Rather than trying to tie off each rope we opted to use stainless steel hose clamps. For one, they are fast and apply a ton of pressure if you use an impact gun with a socket adapter. But you could decide to do it however you like. For us this was the easiest and they are relatively inexpensive. Total we had 96 34ft lines of rope. We used 56 Hose clamps.

To light the ropes and wall we used Epson L1505UNL projectors. They key for the ropes was using the right lens to be able to cover the entirety of the ropes, then it was just a matter of masking in ProPresenter.

Light fixtures used:
Chauvet Colordash Par Quad 18 (stage wash)
Elation Platinum Spot 5r Pro
Chroma-Q Colorforce 72
Martin Mac Encore Performance CLD
ADJ Inno Beam Wash

Fluorescent Tubes Colorado Christmas

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love this project. Could you please tell me what 18*18 tiles you used?

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