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Suffering Snowflakes

Angela Yee from University Covenant Church in Davis, California brings us these intricate snow flake falls.

She got the idea from a picture on Pinterest that showed cotton balls hanging on string.

They ended up sewing around 2,000 cotton balls and paper snowflakes to cover their stage in a space that was 30 feet wide, 12 feet high, and 5 feet deep. They laid the cotton balls on the floor, spaced randomly, then sewed them together with fishing line. To keep the cotton balls from sliding down the string, they used a glue gun to fasten them in place.

Finally, they hung them from the ceiling and lit them with blue gels.

Get the whole story on her blog.

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2 responses to “Suffering Snowflakes”

  1. Jacqui Crumrine says:

    I had a similar set, which was beautiful. But, unfortunately for us, we have to set up and tear down each week and the snowflakes got SO tangled. The set-up crew was NOT happy with me. But I still love the look and am trying to figure out a way to achieve the look again without the mess!

  2. Christina Hamilton says:

    I did something this past year with the same stuff. My friends and i strung thousands of cotton balls onto fishing line. We hot glued them into place…some torn into tiny pieces, other cotton balls the original size, placed randomly down the line.

    At the top of the fishing line i had safety pins, which we used to pin on the other side of the drapes.

    I packed them up putting each line into a plastic sandwich bag…yes, a lot of bags, but VERY easy to put up and take down every week for 3 weeks.

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