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Sullivan Stage

Alex Robinson from Capital Area Christian Church in Mechanicsburg and Etters, PA brings us this design inspired by the Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan.

The wall was 8′ tall and was stapled to flats that they’ve used for multiple series/sets. There were only 3 contact points from top to bottom along the 8′ height. The top and bottom Coroplast pieces moving all the way down the line were scored at three different points and alternated up and down to give the suggestion of some randomness too and to get closer to the Sullivan design. The bend angle was maintained under the Coroplast’s own strength, but they had to be careful not to score them too deeply.

They flipped the weave in some ways. They thought they could flip something like that vertically and make it an asymmetrical pattern. They added two triangle shaped pieces of coro to each side of the wall to suggest Christmas trees and kind of give it a little more seasonal flair.

They also did a Let It Be Christmas festival of trees and people decorated Christmas trees according to different Beatles song titles. This allowed them to kind of “crowd source” the decoration of the lobby and unleash a lot of creativity.

IMG_0780  IMG_0805







Bedded Glowing Ropes

3 responses to “Sullivan Stage”

  1. Tim Sherwood says:

    What a great place to draw inspiration from.

  2. Zach Griepenstroh says:

    Xander! Nice work dude!

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