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Sarah Comer from City Impact Church in New Zealand brings us this over-the-top design. Check out the great layout that even smaller churches could learn from.

The design was a combination of LED bars, environmental projection, about 100m of silver truss and lots of white spandex.

They mounted some truss in front of the stage to attach the 3 projectors to and used the Props layer in ProPresenter4 to mask out the center screen. This allowed them to black it out when they used the center projector.

For the sails they just cut out triangles from spandex, inserted eyelets and hooked them to the floor.

Some gear they used:

2x 4000k projectors
1x 25k projector for projecting on the center
Lots and lots of Fibre Optic cabling
Pro Presenter 4
1x Matrox TripleHead2Go
Orange thread media 500GB media drive

100 LED bars run by Light Jockey
100m of Silver truss
40m of Black truss to hang the rigg (aka the spider) from. (see plan)

The Greatest Story Ever Blocked Americana

11 responses to “Sunburst”

  1. TheRVK says:

    Wow, this is amazing. I love the use of environmental projection. It adds so much to an already excellent stage design. Now if I only had 100 LED bars…

  2. Neville says:

    Hi looks great setup. What/where is the venue?

  3. drumdaddy says:

    do you know what is the make/model of those LED Bars?

  4. Sarah comer says:

    Hi drum daddy
    The Led bars are called Ming Wong :)

  5. qbanator says:

    great design. what do you you for your back wall projection in terms of screen, projector, etc…?

  6. qbanator says:

    and i ment use, not you;)

  7. Sarah Comer says:

    the center projector was a 25k Christie projector

  8. James Tucker says:

    Definitely going to scale this down to fit my parents 100 seat storefront church.

  9. Dan wolter says:

    Great looking rig. love it. How did you mount the strips on the truss fingers? they obviously weren’t individual plates with clamps, looks like a frame from the plot drawing?


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