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Sunrise Sections

Gian Benallo from First Christian Church of Huber Heights in OH brings us this cool sunburst stage design element.

After studying origami patterns for a couple of weeks and experimenting with some different patterns illuminated with LED lights, they came up with this idea to create sections of a sunrise pattern. They used normal white poster board.

They taped it to a large table, spaced like it would be on stage, and then scored the pattern on the back of the poster board with a ball point pen and a metal yard stick. (see diagram) This made it easy to precisely fold the paper. They were flipped so you couldn’t see the lines from the pen.

They were then placed in a large black frame made from 1×4’s. This is important because once folded the poster board, it will no longer be perfectly rectangle. The side pillars were made from 1×4’s painted black and a mesh-like fabric. The fabric is the kind you would find in a bride’s veil. It was scrunched together at the ends for texture and then uplit.

Then they added a piece of the same fabric scrunched the same way and attached to the back wall and lit with par LEDs from both ends.


Spring stage scoring

Stage 2014 Spring 1a

Stage 2014 Spring 3b

Stage 2014 Spring 5a

Stage 2014 Spring 6

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  1. David says:

    What was the fabric used for the sides? Can you send me an email with more detail and pics about that piece of the stage design?


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