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Sean & Corinne Noble from Genesis Church in McKinney, TX brings us this Survivor-themed set.

From the team:

When we designed this set, we also redesigned the way our kids ministry projection systems are architected (more detail on that is available in another post at the bottom), but for the sake of streamlining, we’ll focus on the actual “Survivor” elements here.

On the left side of the stage we purchased the cardboard dock, net, and S.O.S. sign from Oriental Trading. You need several people to assemble the dock…it was not intuitive or easy. We already had the thick rope, and we purchased the burlap fabric, moss, and leaf garland from various craft stores in the area (Jo-Ann’s, Michael’s, etc). We cut the slits in the burlap manually and used gorilla tape to tape it to the edge of the stage. The bamboo around the rolling cart was purchased at Party City.

On stage right, we have more moss and leaves (from craft stores) on the prize wheel stand and truss. The cardboard totem pole was from oriental trading. The little hut was cool-looking, but definitely not sturdy enough to use for anything besides decoration. The top of it was a tiki-hut umbrella top from Party City and we anchored it to a speaker stand. The “walls” of the tiki hut were luau table skirts from Party City. The tiki torches were in some sort of stand, but I can’t remember what we used.

We decided to do a team competition with the kids to go along with the Survivor theme (Red Volcanoes vs Blue Lightning). The original idea for making flags for both of the teams came from here, but let me just begin by saying, I definitely don’t sew! With that in mind, I’m sure there is a better way of doing this, but here is what I did. I bought some fabric at Jo-Ann’s and some pieces of PVC pipe (I got 2 longer pieces, 2 shorter pieces, and 2 t-connectors for connecting the long and short pieces together). I found a free Survivor font, (called SURVIVANT, from, printed out the letters and logos for the flags on cardstock, and cut them out by hand. First, I assembled the PVC pieces. I simply glued and duct taped the pieces together (it wasn’t pretty but no one was going to see it, so it didn’t really matter). Once I had my “t-shaped” PVC pipe, I measured my fabric for the flags by laying it next to the pvc and cutting it, but leaving some excess fabric on th e sides. Once I had my shape I used hot glue and fabric tape around all of the edges of the fabric, so the edges were clean (you could definitely sew this if you know how). I hot glued the finished flag-shaped fabric to the top of my “t” shaped pvc pipe. To finish them off I simply hot glued the letters and logos onto the flags and they were complete. We anchored our flags to a couple of extra stanchions we had on hand and put them on either side of the stage for our teams.

For more details on this particular set and the major redesign we did (including details on the large screen behind the stage), check out




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