Special Event Design

Target the Drummer!

Michael Rainwater from Action Church in Canton, Georgia brings us this design that would make a drummer hope no one in the congregation is packing.

For their series they made a huge target right behind their drummer. They used four 2×4’s to build a frame. Then they took triply panel and cut them into strips to make it look more like boards. They wanted to make it look more like an old fence so they didn’t cut the pieces straight.

Once they got the backdrop together Michael found the center point and used a nail with a string tired to it. A marker on the other end traced out their circles. They just moved the marker out depending on the how wide they wanted the arc. The circles were then painted using red and black paint.

Next they cut the letters out using painted foam board. Then they stuck it all to the wall using double sided velcro for future use.

The whole thing was done for under $80.

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